The Sports Scouting Report With Lee Brecheen

Episode 242: Briarfield Academy Senior OG/DE Carter Coullard

November 19, 2021

For Friday's episode of The Sports Scouting Report Podcast With Lee Brecheen, Lee spotlights the MAIS as he interviews one of the best players in the league in Briarfield Academy senior OG/DE Carter Coullard. When doing the interview, Carter and his teammates were on their way to play DeSoto High School for the MAIS 8 Man State Championship. The Briarfield Academy Rebels were playing for a chance to win their third straight MAIS State Championship. Although they would eventually fall short, it is still an incredible career and a three year run for Coullard as he talks about the difficulties playing MAIS, his favorite teams to go against, playing 8 man football, his top schools he wants to attend in college, and much more!

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