The Sports Scouting Report With Lee Brecheen

Episode 171: Former Leesville High School/LSU/NFL Running Back Michael Ford & LAFM Editor Jace LeJeune

May 28, 2021

For Friday's episode of The Sports Scouting Report Podcast With Lee Brecheen, Lee has a very special guest in former Leesville High School/LSU/NFL running back Michael Ford. Michael talks about the strong running back tradition he helped continue both at Leesville and at LSU as well as what made the 2011 LSU Football team so dominant. Michael also reflects on playing for the Chicago Bears, being on the cover of Louisiana Football Magazine back when he was in high school, and also gives us the highly recruited Louisiana high school football player he is helping train currently. Finally, Louisiana Football Magazine editor Jace LeJeune makes an appearance on the show as Lee's guest in-studio host to talk about the upcoming magazine and his reaction to what is going around in the sports world.

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