The Sports Scouting Report With Lee Brecheen

Episode 164: Dr. Kelly Ryder, The Ryder Clinic

May 12, 2021

For Wednesday's episode of The Sports Scouting Report Podcast With Lee Brecheen, Lee has a special guest in Dr. Kelly Ryder from The Ryder Clinic. Being a former athlete himself earning many awards as a track and field runner, Dr. Ryder loves sports and is highly involved in getting athletes back on the field as a sports chiropractor. Over his career, Dr. Ryder has worked with a lot of professional athletes from the Dallas Cowboys and the Cincinnati Bengals. He also is dedicated to help anybody return to their healthy form. For today's episode, Dr. Ryder will educate people on concussions, injury rehabilitation, and so much more! To schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryder, click the link below!

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