The Sports Scouting Report With Lee Brecheen

Episode 139: Legendary WBRZ Weatherman Pat Shingleton

March 12, 2021

For Friday's episode of The Sports Scouting Report Podcast With Lee Brecheen, Lee has a very special guest in legendary WBRZ Weatherman Pat Shingleton, who just retired earlier this year after 45 years on the network. On today's episode, Pat dives deeper than the weather as he talks about his journey from Pittsburgh to Baton Rouge as well as how he got in the business, his son Michael Shingleton, who is carrying on the family tradition as an anchor for WBRZ, his many community projects, and more. Pat Shingleton also tells many stories of some of the famous Pittsburgh Steelers legends he met along the way and even more incredible stories when breaking into the television business.

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